Our Clients

Clients of Aidera Solutions from the past and the present.
  • American Multi-Cinema, Inc.
    Kansas City, Missouri

    "Patron Editor"

    The AMC MovieWatcher Patron Editor is used by AMC personnel to manage MovieWatcher Points and membership information. This was a Versata HTML PDX based client with both onsite and offsite development support.

  • Boeing 
    Huntington Beach, California

    "Line Of Accounting System (LOAS)", +95% automation

    Line Of Accounting System provides the management of Boeing activity numbers which are used to charge time and materials. This system also provides traceability of each activity number to the contract or other authorizing document that established it. Thus helping Boeing meet it's governmental and contractual accounting requirements.

    This application is just about to enter User Acceptance Testing and we've been able to maintain +95% automation. That translates into an adaptable application where the development staff manages very little code by hand. This project is using a Versata 5.5 HTML PDX client with WebSphere 4.0 and an Oracle database.

    "HP3000 Migration Proof of Concept", helping others work smarter.

    Provided mentoring services to Cobol and Cold Fusion developers. The goal of this project was for the developers to gain an understanding of how to maximize the utilization of Versata. This was also an introduction to version control and Java. This was a Java Application built on Versata 5.0 EJB with an Oracle 8 database.

  • Canadian National Rail
    Montreal Quebec, Canada

    "Ship CN", to hit the ground running is a team effort.

    We were called upon during "crunch mode" to help complete this HTML application. We worked closely with the existing development team and management to gain knowledge of the Ship CN application and help produce the items necessary to get the project out on schedule.


  • Charles River Laboratory

    Outsourced Work

    Created a mechanism for uploading and storing files from a Versata HTML client. The name and location of the file was loaded into the database via the VLS. The upload mechanism was then integrated into an existing application. We helped resolve existing development difficulties.

  • CMS Energy & EnFORM Technology
    Houston, Texas

    "Messenger", new challenges.

    Our developers provided mentoring, Technical Architechture leadership, and good coding techniques using Versata Studio (Jade) 4.1aT. We helped create the Contract Management and Capacity Release portions of this high transaction based natural gas pipeline management system. The highlights of the design implemented include:

    1. No database structure changes were allowed and the existing stored procedures that contain most of the business rules must be used.
    2. This system used an aggregate business object that represents two different databases. The database being used is changed at runtime by the user.
    3. Created Connectors (XDA) to support the requirement of having the same business object save data to different databases. To complicate matters, the database structures were not the same and had different primary keys.
    4. Worked as lead and mentor for over 20 new Versata developers.
    5. Identified practices in using the VLS, client code development, and team management for the new XML version.
    6. This was "Phase 2" of Messenger. We worked this in conjunction with the conclusion of "Phase 1". The subclasses we created and overall application changes we made had to be coordinated with the Phase 1 initiative.
    7. Refined the business requirement documents so they would easily apply to a Versata project.
  • Domino's Pizza
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    "OTR (Online Training Registration) and QPL (Quarterly Profit and Loss)", remote support really can work.

    We remotely support the development of a web-based online training registration application that will be utilized by franchisees. The front end is Versata HTML, while the back end updates an Informix database and Centra. Centra is a web-casting and web-based training tool. We helped in the creation of Connectors that pass XML to/from the VLS and Centra to keep both Informix and Centra in-sync. The connectors and their associated business objects also reduce the complexity of the front end. By the use of data object events and actions, we are able to build a "logical commit" that encompasses Informix and Centra.

    We remotely supported the development of a web-based Quarterly Profit and Loss (QPL) upload system. The franchisee needed the ability to pass worksheets to the Domino's headquarters for quarterly profit and loss processing. Once the file is transported to the headquarters, it is ran thru the Versata Logic Server and ultimately loaded into an Informix database. Any rule violations are transmitted back to the client for correction. The concept of bundled constraints was also introduced. This is where many rule violations are collected and sent back to the client, certainly not an out-of-the-box feature of Versata.


  • El Paso Energy
    Houston, Texas

    "Passkey", not a trivial undertaking.

    Our developers used Versata Studio (Jade) 4.0c to create the Contract Management portion of this high transaction based application. The highlights of the design implementation include:

    1. Leveraged Logic Server formulas, constraints, and actions to rapidly transfer existing business logic from C++ and database stored procedures into reusable and maintainable business rules.
    2. Data driven rule processing that allows the business processes to assign rules without manipulating "code".
    3. Created Connectors (XDA) to merge data from SQL Query Objects and C++ applications using CORBA. This data is returned as a single business object that supports inserts, updates, and deletes. We affectionately call this type of implementation a "bridge".
    4. Identified practices in using the VLS, client code development, and team management.
    5. Project contains over 500 business objects used in over 550 forms spread across over 45 applications with 1 application that controls the integration of all applications.
  • Enmax Power Corporation
    Calgary, Canada

    "WRAP", meeting the mentoring challenge.

    We provided mentoring services to Versata developers. This was an enterprise level application that provides electrical power management. This Java application was built in Versata 4.1a and Oracle 8. Our support included:

    1. Suggestions, solutions, and tips and tricks in implementing business requirements.
    2. Assistance with VFC subclassing, writing custom methods, overriding behaviors, and modifying template (tpl) files to add/enhance functionalities to the system.
    3. Made a significant change in the implementation of a major business requirement, close in going to production, by having little impact on development and the schedule.
  • Fidelity National Information Solutions (FNIS)Micro General Corporation
    Santa Ana, California and Chicago, Illinois

    NGS - "Next Global Solutions."

    FNIS is raising the bar in the title and escrow industry. They are delivering a nationwide, web-based title and escrow system. Aidera have helped in laying the foundation of processes to this largest Title and Escrow company. The areas of team development, build procedures and deployment, performance monitoring and mentoring are among the areas that Aidera has been highly involved in bringing this project close to production.

    Versata 5.1.x has been used in the initial production of the application. This is a Java app, using Websphere 3.5.x and DB2 ver 7. A multi-site source control tool (ClearCase) has been leveraged in handling team development.


  • IM Group & Online Business Systems
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    "BEEM", hooking systems together.

    Aidera provided mentoring and lead development role in creating a bond electronic exchange management system. The messaging system was architected using Together and Tibco Rendezvous was used for messaging implementation.

  • Research Institute of America (RIA)
    New York, New York

    We assisted in creating a document management system for government court cases. This involved the use of the Versata Integration Server (VIS), now called as the Process Logic Engine, for workflow management, and the Versata Logic Server (VLS) for transactional management. FOMS was created as a Java client with an Oracle database.
  • Yet2.com
    Incline Village, Nevada

    Just a little review.

    Asked to review their existing application and make recommendations to the current and future use of Versata.


  • Utah Department of Workforce Services
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    "CUBS", helping people in transition.

    Aidera provided mentoring and lead development role in creating the first real-time accounting system for their benefits system called CUBS (Comprehensive Unemployment Benefit System). We helped automate some of the business process that led the state to win multiple triple-crown awards.

  • Primelink US

    Aidera has been asked to initiate the web presence of primelink US and help them with them business process.  They provide solar installations in the west coast.
  • Zamil Industries

    Aidera provided elearning development for people onboard to get them up to speed quickly.